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The Elementor Website Course will continue to provide content at no extra cost to members. The roadmap provides details of tutorials and templates. Dates are subject to change. Items will be delivered earlier where possible.


How to Start a Web Design Business E-Book

In Progress

Nov – Sidebar – Tutorials

Nov – Single Post Templates – JSON

Dec – How to Start a Web Design Business- Videos

Jan – ACF Post Types & Fields – Tutorials

Jan – Off-Canvas Menu Pop-Up – Tutorials

Feb – WooCommerce – Tutorials

Feb – Woo Payment Gateways – Tutorials

Mar – Shop Template – JSON

Mar – Single Product Templates – JSON

Apr – LMS Products – Tutorials

May – RankMath SEO Tool – Tutorials


v1.6 – Oct 30 2023 – Ebook Added

The ‘How to Start a Web Design Business’ E-book has been added to the Templates Page.

This will be expanded in December 2023 with supplementary videos covering the content.

v1.5 – Oct 16 2023 – Coupons & Improvements

i) Add a Coupon Page to the Course Menu to share exclusive coupons.

ii) Improved the Template Kit steps.

iii) Add Private YouTube Playlist for Course Members.

iv) Add clarity of Course Menu, and the location of the Templates and the Coupons on Page 1 of the Course.

v) Add exclusive 50% coupon for 4 x Crocoblock Plugins to the Coupons Page.

v1.4 – Oct 7 2023 – 3 x Hero Banner Templates

i) Add a (Web Designer Portfolio) Hero Banner as a JSON Template to the ‘Templates’ page.

ii) Add a (Flex and Grid) Hero Banner as a JSON Template to the ‘Templates’ page.

iii) Add a (Image Focus) Hero Banner as a JSON Template to the ‘Templates’ page.

iv) Course Menu modified to make clear where the Templates are.

v1.3 – Oct 1 2023 – Gridbuilder Module & Coupon

i) Module 8 covering Gridbuilder for further filtering of posts has been added with 4 new lessons.

ii) A 20% Off Gridbuilder costs coupon has been added as an exclusive coupon for course members*

*This coupon** must not be shared with anyone outside of the course. If we find that the coupon has been shared, then the relevant accounts will be closed from out site.

**You can use this coupon as many times as you like – and there is no end date for the coupon. This coupon has been created in partnership with Gridbuilder’s Dev Team in good faith that it will only be used by course members,

v1.2 – Sept 25 2023 – Video Size

The video sizes on the desktop have been altered to be larger, thus removing the need to enter Full Screen if you choose to view as a minimum window.

v1.1 – Sept 24 2023 – Site Updates

i) Move the Template Kit to a new ‘Templates’ page.

ii) Add new ‘Tools’ page.

iii) Add Tools to the Menu

iv) Add list of Plugins to the ‘Tools’ page.

v) Add the Clamp Calculation Excel File to the ‘Tools’ page.

vi) Update the Login page.

vii) Add a (Food related) Hero Banner as a JSON Template to the ‘Templates’ page.

viii) Release the ‘Roadmap’ page.

v1.0 – Sept 18 2023 – Course Launch

Public release of the website and the lessons for the Elementor Website Course. 7 modules including the Template Kit made available with Early Launch Offer.