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Learn the Tool, Master the Web.

Optimise with our Supercharged Elementor Website Course.

Unlock your skills with advanced techniques, WordPress best practices, and mindful preparation to take your responsive designs to a new level.

- Instant Access
- 8 hours Videos
- 57 Lessons
- Using Elementor Pro
- Free Templates
- Exclusive Coupons
- Ever-Expanding

Delivered by
Imran Siddiq
(Web Squadron)

Is this Elementor Website Course right for you?

Are slow website builds holding you back? 

In the fast-paced digital world, speed is king – and mastering efficient website building will be your secret weapon. Don’t get left in the dust by outdated methods.

Harness your potential with this Elementor Website Course, and say ‘bye’ to clunky ways. Boost your visions into functional websites.

Attract and captivate clients with your stunning, high-speed website creations. Join us, and lead the digital charge with confidence!

For all Levels – Businesses, DIYers, & Web Design Agencies


This Elementor Course gives you more.

57 Videos covering 8 Hours.

9 Modules split over 57 lessons

Notes supporting each lesson

Dynamic Fields to make your posts more efficient

Website to be built > Demo

Full Template Kit of Demo provided

Other Templates provided regularly

Free Ebook – How to Start a Web Design Business (worth $49)

‘Course’ Exclusive Coupons to useful Tools

Roadmap for future lessons (no added cost) > Visit

Free Tools to help you with responsive design > Visit

Free Support Group > Come Over Now!

Buckle Up
Join the Ride



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Launch Offer

Normal Price: $197

One-Time Cost

Lifetime Updates*

Access to Future Modules


1: Full Template Kit

2: 25% Off 1-2-1 Calls

3: Hero Banner Review

*See the Roadmap

Should you join the Elementor Website Course?

I’m all over YouTube with Tutorials ranging from short to long, and covering WordPress, Elementor, and Bricks Builder. However they don’t have the accompanying notes, inside tips, or the share the resources used.

That all changes with this Elementor Website Course.

Boost Your Business: Learn to build websites faster and better, giving your business the edge it deserves.

Master Elementor: Turn designs into functional websites.

Stay Ahead of the Competition: Leave your rivals in the dust by delivering top-notch websites quicker than ever before.

Boost Responsive Optimisation: Learn to create websites that look stunning and function flawlessly on any device, from smartphones to desktops.

Proven Techniques: Benefit from the tried-and-true methods of a seasoned expert, saving you time and effort on trial-and-error.

Elementor Website Course by Imran Sjddiq Web Squadron

As Commander of Web Squadron Web Agency, I'm a bit of a maverick in the world of web design education.

I blend expertise & entertainment with every lesson, and bring innovative approaches to deliver solutions.

With me as your guide, you're not just learning web design; you're embarking on an exciting journey of discovery and creativity. Ready to launch?"

- Imran Siddiq (Web Squadron Tutor)

The Full Course Breakdown

8 hours of Video Content and Written Notes provided in the Elementor Website Course

Module 1: Pre Build Resources

Point of the Website


Logo and Images

Compressing Images

Colour Palettes


Compressing Fonts

Written Content



Module 2: WordPress Set-Up

Domain + Hosting

WordPress Settings


Media Library

Add New Page


Module 3: Elementor Settings

Elementor Interface

Elementor Widgets

Adding SVG

Global Colours

Global Fonts


Module 4: Elementor First Steps

Flex Box Containers

Add Page to Menu

Check the Page Score

Header Template

Header Display Conditions

Footer Template Placement

Check Score


Module 5: The Home Page Build

Hero Banner

Adding an Introduction

Adding Services

Additional Information

Portfolio Container

Quote Container


Header Sticky

Module 6: Other Pages Build

Services Page

About Page

Contact Page

Privacy & Cookies Policy

Menu Update

Header Refine

Links & Anchor Links

Footer Template

404 Template


Module 7: Blog Posts

Add WordPress Posts

Add Custom Fields

Loop Grid Post Archive

Taxonomy Filter


Blog Page

Single Post Template



Module 8: GridBuilder WP

Using the GridBuilder Plugin

Creating Filters

Adding to the Loop Grid



Module 9: Sidebar for Posts

Setting up the Template Layout

Adding the Sidebar Contents

Making the Sidebar Sticky

Questions about the Course

The course is built with Elementor Pro, and we recommend that you obtain Elementor from here.

You’ll need Elementor Free and Pro to join in the course, or to use the Template Kit.

Several other Free plugins are used in the course for optimisation, however they are optional. We do not use any Elemenor Addons as we prefer to keep plugin overheads to a minimum.

Indeed yes, when the changes or updates from Elementor affect the production of the website.

This super course uses the Flexbox Container, rather than sections, which is the default layout with Elementor since September 2023.

We only use Flexbox Container in the super course, but don’t worry as we cover it assuming that you have no experience.

We would rather teach you all of the basics as if you’ve never used WordPress or Elementor before.

We stress the importance of responsiveness for different screen sizes and we’ll cover using Font Clamp with a free tool.

We’ll also encourage good practice for many areas of web design to improve mobile responsiveness, image sizes, font compression, and page speed optimisation to improve user experience.

Jump over to our YouTube Channel to see how Imran teaches with his approachable and down to Earth style where he avoid jargon, riddled answers, or assuming your knowledge.

As an ex-Head of Business Intelligence for the NHS (UK), he knows how vital it is to work with different people, and to make everyone feel valued.

He first worked on websites in 2004, and moved to WordPress when it burst on the scene. 

Due to his full-time career in NHS Analytics, he produced websites as a side-hustle until 2019. Eventually the bug stuck, and he retired from the NHS in January 2022 to work full-time on the Web Agency.

Ever-evolving with tools over the years, he settled on Elementor in 2019. Imran also dabbles with Bricks Builder, and is always on the lookout for cost-effective solutions.

Never short of tutorials or tips, Imran provides a valuable service to web designers and businesses and anyone else who wants to ‘Make a Difference!’

It will be presented within this website without taking you to another LMS or Teaching platform.

The course is delivered via videos, notes (containing additional guidance and values where relevant).

You can jump round the course without being restricted or having to watch in a set order.

We don’t have a separate site or community as I want you to be part of a wider group – regardless of purchasing this course or not.

Jump over to our Web Squadron Facebook Group.

Absolutely. If you feel that this course doesn’t suit you within 14 days of purchase, then let us know at info@websquadron.co.uk to issue a Full Refund.

We would ask that you understand the time and effort that has gone into the course, and only request a refund where necessary. Funds from the course go towards investing to ensure we keep producing fantastic content for our community.

We offer  1-2-1 Video Calls for reviews, problem-solving, business discussions, or personal training that is charged at £160/$200 per hour.

Members that have purchased this course will have a Lifetime 25% discount applied to a 1-2-1 Video Call booked with Imran.

Not when you have the right tutors, lessons, and guidance.

Every tool has a learning curve, but once you are shown how to get the most out of the basics, and to then delve into maximising the impact, you’ll be glad that you decided to give it a go.

Yes of course they do!

We’ve built 126+ websites since adopting Elementor, and there are millions (not exaggerated)  of other designers and businesses using it.

Everyone will argue about the best tool, software, kit, or bit of lego to build your website, but as long as the tool delivers, then the method doesn’t matter.

The ENTIRE Course and what you see here and now is built on Elementor.

Elementor is a valuable tool especially those who want to create websites quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking to improve your web design capabilities and work with WordPress websites, learning Elementor is a worthwhile investment of your time and effort.

What do Reviewers think about Web Squadron?

You truly have a gift for explaining complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.

– Harish Kumar

From the start Imran blew others away. Really outstanding support and service. Blown away by his advice and  delivery! Truly amazing.

– Mark Doughty

Imran you are a legend, been trying to improve on mobile page speeds.  Followed your steps and now now have 100% performance.

– Pete Butler

Think I have become addicted to your educational videos.🤩

– Nayan Ponz

Dude. You are the first person I’ve ever given a super thanks to. I appreciate the in-depth help.

– Shane Baker

Thank you so much for this tutorial ! It’s amazing that you help your community so much like this.

– Destizz

They’re wonderful. Flexible with project times and extremely knowledgeable. They’re been fantastic and gave honest advice to help my business.

– Leenisha

I just found this tutorial video and wow! Such a big help and so much terrific information.

– Shelley Burleson

I. Am. Blown. Away. WOW! I keep bookmarking your content.

– Sam


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